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Organize your favorites places

Because there are places that are worth remembering

Did you ever need to remember a special place where you have been or have to plan an itinerary for one of your trips?

MyPlaces is an application for iPhone and iPad that allows you to store, annotate, organize and share your favorite places in a simple and intuitive way.

Found an interesting place?

Save your current position with the auto location feature or use the search tool to find places far away from you searching by name or by GPS coordinates.

Attach notes and pictures

Assign a title to your places, include text notes and images that you can choose from your camera roll or take directly with the integrated device camera.

See your places the way you like

Choose whether to show your locations on a map or a list. The list is customizable and allows you to choose which information to display. The map instead allows you to compare the stored position of places with your current position.

Every place in the right folder

Keep all your places in order by organizing them into folders. For example, you are spending your holidays in London and you want to remember the most beautiful places you visited? Create a folder called "Holiday in London" and add the places in which you have been, perhaps attaching some nice pictures.

Export and share your places

You need to export, share and process the data collected? Thanks to the export features of MyPlaces you can export and share your places in many formats.