The Lost Project

Software development


Your personal dream journal

Write down your dreams

Make notes about your sleep patterns and the dreams you've had, including the characteristics and how well you remember them.

Identify recurring signs

Signs are events, places, feelings, people or objects inside your dreams. This application will help you recognize the recurring ones allowing you to understand many things about your dreams. Signs are also very important for those who want to practice lucid dreaming.

Analyze your dreams

View important information and stats about your sleep and your dreams.

Always with you

Keep your dream journal in sync across all your devices.

Your dreams are safe

Set a passcode and use Touch ID or Face ID to keep your dreams safe from prying eyes.

Reality checks

Are you a lucid dreamer? Get notifications to help you remember to do reality checks.


Are you using another app to track your sleep? Read from the Health app to automatically set the date of your sleeps.

Draw your dreams

Draw with your fingers or with the Apple Pencil (on supported devices).


Your personal dream journal